Episode 13: The Invisible War

It’s the grand finale to the first season! Tim and Naomi examine how a standoff over the Irish border in the Brexit negotiations brought ignorance about Ireland among politicians and media to the surface. We review the biggest embarrassing moments on air from the past few weeks, quiz ordinary English people about what they know about Ireland, and give a quick and dirty roundup of the history you need to know to understand today’s news. Tim hears from a group of Northern Irish podcasters about what it’s like to be from the forgotten province, and Naomi meets the Irishman who worked in Downing Street in the thick of the Brexit campaign and tried in vain to warn his colleagues of the border problems that were coming. We speak to finance professor Brian Lucey about the myths about Ireland that Brexit has brought to the surface, and hear an audio essay by Gordon Guthrie about Britain’s ‘great forgetting’.