Episode 10: The Irish Slaves Myth

Have you ever heard that the Irish were slaves? If so, you may have been targeted with political propaganda. Naomi speaks to actress and writer Azie Dungey about how Irish history is being abused for a political agenda in the United States, while Tim asks two experts in the topic about the truth behind the internet myth. We hear from US journalist Traci White who set out to investigate why the meme was appearing on her Facebook page, while Irish Senator Aodháin Ó Ríordáin tells us what the Trump administration needs to know about Irish-American history.

Featuring: ‘When the Wick is Gone’ by the Pangolins

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  1. I’m always pleasantly surprised how relevant and insightful your show is even to myself 7000 miles away. Thanks! BTW use an phone app to make international calls – you know that, ceart go leor?

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