Episode 3: The Irish Language

Irish: a rare and ancient language that is spoken from the streets of Canada to the corridors of power in the European Union. This episode delves into why the language is such a powerful national symbol for Ireland, its fraught history, and how it’s still a point of political strife today.

Episode 2: UK election special – what is the DUP

The dramatic UK election result has suddenly made Northern Irish politics more pressing than ever. Are you trying to figure out what the DUP is anyway and what all this means for Brexit? We answer all these questions and more in this special UK election edition of The Irish Passport. It includes a report from a loyalist pipe band event where we asked marchers what they thought of Brexit, and got some surprising answers….

Episode 1: The Border

Our pilot episode looks at political geography on the island of Ireland — what’s the difference between North and South? How did it get to be that way, and what is the future of the Irish border now that one part of the island is leaving the EU? We take a look at the history of north-south division on the island, and Naomi reports from the border region speaking to locals about their thoughts on the future of this international boundary.